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If you have dealt with any kind of HTML and CSS project development before, You know how important it is to have an efficient development environment and Let’s start with the best free code editors in the market. 

Free yet Awesome Code Editors that work on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux

1) Atom by GitHub- Syntax highlighting features of Atom is pure gold. Most of the Code Editors do not support modern javascript syntax. Atom saved my WordPress-React JS project. You can also install a ton of open source plugins that improve your overall coding comfort. 

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2) VS Code editor by Microsoft- It has almost all the features of ATOM but its light-weight and opens up quickly. It also doesn’t get stuck when opening huge CSS files. 

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Premium Code Editor that works just on Mac OS

Coda from Panic brings in a lot of bells and whistles for your WordPress Theme Development. Unlike above code editors, CODA saves you a lot of time by allowing you to connect to a remote web server via inbuilt SSH and FTP interface. Trust me; you’ll get addicted to Coda once you start using it.

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Premium Code Editor that works on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux

1) PHPStorm – It is expensive, but this code editor is specially built for working with PHP. So, it comes with features that none of the above code editors gives us. PHP debugging and PHP code completion are two of my favorite features. You can also look at the code execution flow of your PHP based projects.

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2) Sublime Text – It has all the features of ATOM and VS Code. Sublime is the quickest and lightest of all. Although Sublime Text is not free, it does force you to purchase the software once you are done with the free trial. If you love it, just buy it.  It is worth the money.

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I use VS Code Editor for this course. You can choose the code editor of your liking.  But trust me, selecting a good code editor and sticking with it will save you a ton of time in the long run. 

In the next lesson, you’ll learn how to set up a local web server on Mac OS.

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