The Action plan for building the standards friendly Homepage

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Updated On: June 23rd, 2020 0 Comments

Be it Action hooks or Sidebars, Almost 80% of the total WordPress theme developments concepts revolves around and header and footer of a WordPress site. 

So, we will be spending quite a bit of time building the header and footer. 

“But, what about the main content of a page?”

It’s too damn easy. All you have to do is learn a concept called “The Loop” and you are good to go. But building the header and footer portions of a WordPress forces you to understand almost all the important concepts of WordPress.

So, first we will build the header, then footer and finally, we will learn how to build the main content of the Homepage by mastering the “The Loop”.

Then, we will use these skills to build the rest of the site at a very rapid pace. The only time taking thing here is CSS. Simply put, we will start slow, but we will pick up the pace at the middle of this course.

So, please spend a lot of time on header and footer and proceed forward only after fully understanding the important concepts. If you are stuck, please do message me at any point.

With that being said, we will start building our site’s header in the next lesson! 

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